Letters of Administration

Letters of Administration

It can be confusing when a loved one dies without a Will. Let us guide you through the process.
If a person dies without a Will their estate is governed by the laws of intestacy which set out how the estate will be divided among surviving family members. The first step is to obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration. This will give you authority to administer the estate. The grant is just the start. You’ll then need to collect the assets, pay liabilities and distribute the estate according to the formula established by law. This is no small feat and can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. From getting the grant to administering the whole estate, our experienced team can help.
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From getting the grant to administering the whole estate, our team can offer as much help as you need.



This package offers an application for Letters of Administration, personalised advice on how to administer the estate from our expert probate lawyers and a customised step-by-step guide to explain exactly what to do next.

This package includes:

  • An application for Letters of Administration by a beneficiary of the estate
  • Preparing consent notices, as required
  • Signing and witnessing your application
  • Court filing and giving you the grant
  • A conference with our experienced probate lawyers to give you personalised advice on how to administer the estate
  • A customised step-by-step guide summarising our advice

Allow 2 hours for the conference.

Plus court filing fee $370.

Prefer us to handle everything for you? Find out more.

Guided DIY


Unlike services offering document kits or templates, our expert probate lawyers will prepare your application and send it to you to sign. Get started any time using our online form.

This package includes:

  • An application for Letters of Administration by a beneficiary of the estate
  • Preparing consent notices, as required
  • 15 minute telephone call with our experienced team
  • Instructions for you to sign and file your application at the Court

The Court will charge you a filing fee of $370.

This service is not suitable for complex applications or for applicants who are outside of Western Australia.

Do you need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration?

A Grant gives you authority to collect the assets and administer the estate. 

Does the estate include real estate?
Real estate means any interest in land - e.g. a home or investment property. If you are unsure, ask us to carry out a Landgate search.
Is the real estate owned as a joint tenant with another person?
Joint tenants is a type of joint ownership common between married couples and de facto partners. If you are unsure, ask us to carry out a Landgate search.
Does the estate include a financial asset valued at more than $20,000?
Are the financial assets owned jointly with another person?
Did the deceased leave a Will? *
Do any of the following circumstances apply?
  • You are unsure whether the Will was properly signed
  • You are not certain that the deceased was of full mental capacity when the Will was signed
  • You are unsure whether the Will is the last Will of the deceased or there is any evidence the deceased wished to revoke the Will
  • The Will is vague or unclear
  • There is any possibility of a dispute arising
  • Any beneficiary (a person entitled to distribution of the estate) is a minor

You will need a Grant of Probate to administer the estate.

We offer fixed price Probate applications.

You will need a Grant of Letters of Administration to administer the estate.

We offer fixed price applications.

It is unlikley that you need a Grant to administer the estate.

If you are unsure or would like legal advice, please contact us to book an estate administration consultation.

Legal guide

Need help with an estate?

Our plain-English legal guide has comprehensive and practical advice to help you to take charge and finalise the estate.


A Grant of Letters of Administration is a document issued by the Court authorising a person to administer the estate of person who died intestate (without leaving a valid Will). The Grant authorises the person (known as the administrator) to administer the estate by collecting the assets, paying liabilities and distributing the estate in accordance with the laws of intestacy.
Any one or more of the adult beneficiaries of the estate (as set out in the Administration Act 1903 (WA)) can apply for a grant of Letters of Administration of an intestate estate. The applicant must seek written consent from any adult beneficiary of the estate. If there is no adult beneficiary who is able to apply, another person may be entitled. Book a consultation for advice about your specific circumstances.
Please bring the documents and information listed on the relevant checklist.
In most cases we can prepare your application and arrange for you to sign it on the spot at your consultation. It will then take the Supreme Court of Western Australia 6 – 8 weeks to review your application and issue a Grant.
An applicant for a grant of Letters of Administration must provide a statement of the deceased’s assets and liabilities as at the date of their death. The statement must include all real estate in Western Australia and all movable property and debts, whether in Western Australia or elsewhere. Any property the deceased owned as a joint tenant with another person who survived them does not form part of their estate, rather it passes to the surviving joint tenant by survivorship. Download our checklist to help you collate the information you need.
As a general rule, the answer is yes – executors and administrators can charge their reasonable legal costs to the estate. What is reasonable depends on the circumstances, but would generally include the costs of making an application for Probate or Letters of Administration.
Our advertised fees are for straightforward applications prepared on the spot during your consultation. They don’t include the Supreme Court of Western Australia filing fee. If your application is not straightforward or if you require additional legal advice or assistance we will give you a quote for our services. For full terms see our Product Disclosure Statement.

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What our clients say

Good morning Michael. Many thanks for you assistance in getting this sorted so efficiently.
Perth probate centre client
May 2, 2024
You’re the best Maya – thank you!
Probate on-the-spot client
April 11, 2024
Michael, thank you for your advice to date. It has proven both settling and very helpful in negotiating this most awful time in my life.  
Mr B
March 27, 2024
Lucy, thanks so much for you and your teams assistance with the grant of probate, I really appreciate it.
Probate on-the-spot client
March 20, 2024
Thank you so very much Maya for making this such a simple process for us all.
Probate on-the-spot client
March 8, 2024
Michael, A big thank you to you and your colleague (Carolina) for your assistance and kind support with my application for a grant of probate on Friday.
Perth Probate centre client
March 5, 2024

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Our plain-English guide How to manage a deceased estate has practical advice to help you to take charge and finalise the estate.