Should I make my own application?

You’ve identified that you need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.  You have a choice to make in terms of getting the job done – DIY or hire a lawyer. Let’s compare the options.

Do-it-yourself Our service
Legal fees Free Fixed price Probate or Fixed price Letters of Administration for straightforward applications.  As a general rule you are entitled to recoup your legal costs from the estate.
Court filing fee $370 $370
Preparing your application documents You’ll need to invest time researching, compiling information and documents and entering data into interactive web sites. We’ll ask you to complete a simple checklist ahead of your consultation. At your consultation we’ll prepare an finalise your straightforward application.
Signing (executing) your application You’ll need to print your documents and take them to a Justice of the Peace or senior lawyer for execution. We take care of this at your consultation.
Court filing You’ll need to take the executed documents to the Supreme Court of Western Australia for filing. We take care of this.
Questions or problems The Supreme Court Probate Registry will not give you legal advice or other assistance with your application. Our clients are welcome to telephone us at any time for advice.
What if I make a mistake? It is likely that the Court will respond by asking you to take further action correcting the errors –known as a requisition. Generally, you’ll need to make another affidavit answering to the requisition – to do this you will probably need legal assistance. Our lawyers will prepare your application carefully and accurately.
What if my application is complex? You may not be able to complete an application yourself. Our lawyers will identify any problems at your consultation.  Many problems can be dealt with simply and at no extra charge. In some circumstances we will offer you additional services at a fixed price.
And after I obtain my Grant? We will give you an obligation-free fixed quote for any further services you may require to administer the estate.

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