How to choose a good Probate lawyer

Lawyers have had a lot of bad press over the years – much of it probably well-deserved.  However, times are changing. Lawyers and law firms are changing. The best modern law firms are highly focussed on providing the optimal client experience and solving their clients’ problems, generally at fixed prices.

Likewise, modern lawyers are helpful, knowledgeable and their services represent good value for money. Probate and estate lawyers also need to be kind, efficient and good at listening.

And in matters where there is a dispute, choosing the right lawyer is vitally important to achieving the right outcome.  In disputes, as cooperation is key, choose a lawyer who will:

  • listen to you, but remain objective about your matter;
  • focus you and the other party on the major goals and not waste time (and your money) on red-herrings or tit-for-tat arguments;
  • take a practical and commercial approach in advising you and a spirit of cooperation to negotiations.

Also consider that good lawyers usually achieve the best results with logic, persuasion and charm.  Bad lawyers will bully and bluster. At times a firm stand is called for; but an empty vessel makes the most noise.

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