Why are our Probate fees so low?

Why are our Probate fees so low?

Developed in-house by a team of lawyers and software developers, our advanced interactive instruction forms enable the preparation of straightforward Probate applications with the convenience of only one short client consultation.

Birman & Ride partner Michael Hodgkins says “Our interactive technology allows us to significantly reduce the cost of providing consumer legal services. Common tasks, such as making an Application for Probate, that would previously have taken many hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time. We pass on these savings to clients in the form of lower Probate fees. The same technology is improving the quality of our service.

“The convenience of the single appointment and the fixed price makes these services attractive to clients. Demand for our Wills and Probate on-the-spot consultations has been very strong”.

Our interactive instruction forms are a feature of ContactsLaw – revolutionary legal practice management software.

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